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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the maximum distance we can drill?

A. 1200 meters

Q. What is the maximum diameter pipe that we can install?

A.  1.2meters diameter

Q. Do we have a 100% strike rate of successful project completion?

A. Absolutely.  Please view our portfolio of completed projects.

Q. What states of Australia do we supply our services to?

A.  All states of Australia and Australasia region

Q. What type of machinery do we own and operate

A. All of our machinery is the latest modern equipment

Q. Which industries do you service?

A. Predominantly the Government owned Water and Sewage Authorities , Municipalities etc large private entities aligned to the pipeline industry , pipeline contractors .

Also environmental remediation is developing into a larger market for our services

Q. Can we successfully install graded sewer pipes?

A. Yes , we can drill grades to .2%

Q. How can an individual seek employment with AHD Trenchless?

A. We are always interested in finding new people that have the necessary skills to complement our workforce Please feel free to send through your details


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